Voting Continues

The Monkees are in the lead, Bee Gee’s holding second place, and a good number of nominees are running neck and neck!  If you haven’t voted yet, get to it!  And tell your friends…….YOU decide who will be inducted in 2014 to America’s Pop Music Hall of Fame!


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11 Responses to Voting Continues

  1. Cindy Nugent

    I want the Monkees in the rock and roll hall of fame. They deserve it they been around for over 40 years they play great music.

  2. Vikki Leedy

    The Monkees should be inducted into Americas Pop Music Hall of Fame

  3. Kevin Stafford

    The Monkees should be #1! No question!

  4. Coila

    The Monkees!!!!
    Let them be the one!!

  5. Lorie Parks

    The Monkees were the best. Dave Jones was hot. And all the girls loved him. RIP Davy.

  6. Maria L Weiss

    I vote for The Monkees!! they are super talented and their show was years before its time!! They are the original MTV band!!

  7. V. Jenkins

    Dionne Warwick.

  8. V. Jenkins

    I vote for Dionne Warwick. She deserves it.

  9. Claudia Romero

    I vote for The Monkees they are the best!!!

  10. Darlene Burd


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