SEPTEMBER 23, 2013
Carole King, Dion, Buddy Holly are first time candidates
On-line voting to begin September 23
The Bee Gees, Monkees and Dean Martin are among the candidates to be inducted into America’s Pop Music Hall of Fame in 2014. The 25 nominees for induction were announced Monday, September 23.
First-time nominees – selected by a panel of musicians, disc jockeys and journalists based on artists’ breadth and depth of pop hits, as well as influence – include Dion, Buddy Holly and Carole King, Artists must have placed a hit on the Billboard charts between 1945 and 1970 to qualify.
As the hall of fame focuses on popular music, inductees are determined by an on-line popular vote. Participants are restricted to one vote each for 10 of the 25 nominees.
The 2014 nominees are:
The Bee Gees                            Tony Bennett                                   Pat Boone
The Carpenters                           Chicago                                           Dion
The Everly Brothers                    The Four Seasons                          Connie Francis
Buddy Holly                                  Elton John                                     Carole King
Dean Martin                                 The Monkees                                  Ricky Nelson
Roy Orbison                                  Patti Page                                     Gene Pitney
The Platters                                  Simon & Garfunkel                        Smokey & Miracles
The Supremes                              Three Dog Night                            Dionne Warwick
Andy Williams
The public may vote at america’ Voting ends October 31. Inductees will be announced in December.
America’s Pop Music Hall of Fame was formed in 2011 to honor artists and other contributors to pop music. It is based in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, home of Perry Como, Bobby Vinton and the Four Coins, who together placed nearly 200 songs on America’s pop charts.
Plans are continuing for construction of a hall of fame structure that may include a large performance center, as well as wings for both permanent and rotating collections and memorabilia.
In a ceremony March 15, 2013 with Johnny Tillotson as master of ceremonies, the 2013 inductees into America’s Pop Music Hall of Fame were announced. They are the Beach Boys, the Beatles, Johnny Cash, Ray Charles, Nat King Cole, Perry Como, Bobby Darin, Neil Diamond, Brenda Lee, Johnny Mathis, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Bobby Vinton and Stevie Wonder.
Iconic songs inducted to date are: 1940s: “White Christmas” by Bing Crosby; 1950s: “Hound Dog” by Elvis Presley; 1960s: “The Twist” by Chubby Checker; 1970s: “American Pie” by Don McLean.
First-time nominees – selected by a panel of musicians, disc jockeys and journalists based on artists’ breadth and depth of pop hits, as well as influence – include Dion, Buddy Holly and Carole King, Artists must have placed a hit on the Billboard charts between 1945 and 1970 to qualify.


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  1. Dee Youngquist

    I vote for The Bee Gees, Buddy Holly, The Platters, Andy Williams, Carole King, Gene Pitney, Smokie Robinson & The Miracles. All the other nominees should not be in the race.

    • Lynn

      Wow. Must be nice to be all-knowing and positive that your choices can be THE ONLY CHOICES. Every one mentioned has fine qualities, and I, for one, hope the Monkees finally get their day in the sun. They shouldn’t have waited; it should have been all four of ‘em.

    • Jane

      The Monkees are long overdue. They deserve to be in the Hall of Fame they’ve been snubbed far too long!

    • Brian

      How about a qualifying “in my opinion” before you state who should and should not be in the race. Never a good trait to be a know it all.

  2. There is no one to compare to the Bee Gees…..songbook, harmonies, charity work, longevity…..brilliance of all three brothers….come on, now! Get real, people. This is a no-brainer for sure…..

  3. There is no one to compare to the Bee Gees…song book magnificent, wrote for a multitude of artists, longevity amazing, charity work unmatched, brilliance of all three brothers…come on, now. This is a no-brainer……

  4. Roy

    Here we go again!! Why are you being stupid like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Why are you nominating Dion without the Belmonts? Why are you nominating the Miracles as Smokey Robinson & the Miracles. It’s THE MIRACLES!!!


    The Miracles

    01. Smokey Robinson
    02. Warren “Pete” Moore
    03. Claudette Rogers Robinson
    04. Bobby Rogers
    05. Marv Tarplin
    06. Ronnie White
    07. Billy Griffin


    The Miracles

    01. Warren “Pete” Moore
    02. Claudette Rogers Robinson
    03. Bobby Rogers
    04. Marv Tarplin
    05. Ronnie White

  5. The Monkees should have been in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame long ago. They were great roll models. Please don’t leave them out yet again.

  6. tom

    I vote for The Monkees

  7. Shari Cook

    S o many to choose from 1. The Monkees while 3 are still living I believe the living should know they are honored and loved.
    Elton John is my 2nd choice.

  8. Carolyn Short

    Please note that I am seriously disappointed that Paul Revere and the Raiders are not nominated!!

  9. Sheri

    I vote for The Monkees & The Bee Gees
    Please note I am seriously disappointed that Olivia Newton-John is not nominated!!

  10. Terri W

    Bee Gees have been writing their own songs not only for them selves, but other artist. They MUST win this for sure! 50 Years later and the surviving Barry Gibb is performing to this day!

    • Victoria holsky

      I second that Terri W. The Bee Gees are real unlike some others that have background sounds and instruments that makes them sound like they can sing. Live performances tells it all. Bee Gees are icons. Pure talent..

  11. BeeGees, Carpenters, Everly Bros., Roy Orbison, Platters, Elton John, Monkees, Miracles, Simon and Garfunkel, Andy Williams!! Thanx!!

  12. Corina Lepera

    I vote for the Monkees. They represent so much if people actually read up on them. They influenced so many artists (look it up, its for real!). What is life without “I’m A Believer”, “Daydream Believer” and “Pleasant Valley Sunday”? If it weren’t for the Monkees, I wouldn’t know who Michael Nesmith is and that would be horrible for he is a truly great artist.

  13. Chrissy White

    The Monkees have my vote!

  14. I vote for the Bee Gees, The Monkees, Smokey Robinson & the miracles..

  15. I vote for The Monkees, Bee Gees, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, and Carole King.

  16. Kevin Martinez

    Are the Ramones in this thing? If not, then this really doesn’t have any validity does it?

  17. Lisa Longo

    I vote for THE MONKEES and DEAN MARTIN!

    • svetlana williams

      These are my top choices too – especially THE MONKEES. I know Carole King wrote some excellent songs for the Monkees; but I’ve never heard her perform. (I was brought up very strictly on Classical Music only – but I love the Monkees!)

  18. Lisa Jane Marzaroli

    Please do not ignore The Monkees! Put them in as they deserve this.

  19. I vote for the monkees and bee gee

  20. Lissa Zeck

    I vote for the Monkees!

  21. Gwendolyn Haver-Davis

    Elton John, Simon & Garfunkel and The Monkees.

  22. Craig Omick

    There Are Plenty Of Very Talented Artists On The List & Hopefully One Day They Will All Be Included In The Hall.
    The Monkees Deserve A Place In This Hall & Any Music Hall Of Fame, Now.

    Brrrummmp… Here We Come….. (You Just Sang That Didn’t You?)

  23. Ruth Williams

    My first pick? The Monkees !!!!

  24. johnston


  25. lynnette

    i also vote for the monkees along with the bee gees, buddy holly and the carpenters to

  26. Diann Franks

    I vote for Dean Martin, the Four Seasons, The Monkees, and Chicago.

  27. Kristine H

    It’s about time that the Monkees are inducted!!!

  28. Topkat

    I vote for the mighty MIRACLES. They are in EVERY OTHER Hall of Fame (Rock and Roll, Doo-Wop, Vocal Group, etc ) They should be in THIS one TOO !!!

  29. Topkat

    THE MIRACLES have ALSO written for numerous other artists (ALL of them, not just SMOKEY, although HE tends to get all of the credit) , and they are , by FAR, the most-covered Motown act of all time . They also have MORE SONGS inducted into the GRAMMY HALL OF FAME than ANY other Motown group…even more than The Supremes and Temptations !! THE MIRACLES are NO-BRAINERS for Induction !!!

  30. Nancy Grill

    Please don’t forget The Grass Roots. So many top 40 hits, one after the other! They were on the charts for something like over 307 weeks straight! They are still on the road touring for their fans! Check out the book, “Where have all the pop stars gone. Vol.2″ thanks and good luck with a great idea! Nancy Grill

  31. Amy

    The Monkees! They have been left out for far too long! Is this where we vote, or is there another place?

  32. Jill

    I also vote for The Monkees.

  33. lilah k

    MONKEES RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and dean marten but mostly the monkees.

  34. Susan Elkin

    I vote for The Monkees, Dean Martin and The Bee Gees.

  35. Julie

    Got to vote for Buddy Holly, Andy Williams, Roy Orbison, The Bee Gees, The Monkees, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, Chicago, The Supremes, & Elton John. This is very hard to choose, such amazing talent!

  36. Oruku Saki

    There are plenty on the list to vote for, plenty to come. Hope the likes of Tommy James, the Turtles, Grass Roots, The Association to name a few can make this list someday soon. Simon and Garfunkel should be a shoe in. Monkees too. But the list is good and good luck to all nominees.

  37. loving all the comments! please make sure you go to the Vote Here page and click through to submit your choices!

  38. Rick Phillips

    I vote for the Monkees I have more but I want to make sure the Monkees get into some hall of fame if the one in Cleveland won’t have them.

  39. Laura Terrell

    I vote for BeeGees!!!

  40. Laura


  41. Pam Rosato


  42. My vote goes to The Monkees, Elton John, Simon and Garfunkel and The Bee Gees

  43. Pam Rosato


  44. LizaJane

    The Monkees!!!!!

  45. Karen Waring

    The Monkees all the way!

  46. Penny Enicks

    So many good, deserving artists. My votes go to the Monkees, Carole King, the Everly Brothers, and Buddy Holly. So hard to choose.

  47. Susan Ritter


  48. Jason

    We want the Monkees!

  49. I think we’re long overdo in recognizing The Monkees!

  50. Terry

    I vote for The Monkees. Best band ever. Right up there with The Beatles, Wings, The Plastic Ono Band, The Traveling Wilburys… etc.

  51. What a great list of artists and most are deserving, as this is only the second year of voting those who changed the music world and provided the sound track of our lives will be inducted this year. I choose; The Bee Gees (240 million records sold) Dean Martin, The Supremes, Four Seasons, Simon & Garfunkel, 3 Dog Night, Elton John, Monkees, Patti Page, Smokey Robinson.

  52. SuzannefromMichigan

    The Bee Gees were not inducted the very FIRST year? May I suggest that everyone associated with your organization do a bit of research, I presume a surprise is in order.

  53. Lyn Tomkinson

    The Monkees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Laurie

    Bee Gees All the Way ..

  55. Silvia


  56. Robin Hicks

    The Monkees definately, Buddy Holly, and The Supremes.

  57. Linda Carter

    I vote for the Monkees

  58. Emmi Grullon

    My Vote goes to MONKEES

  59. Emmi Grullon

    My vote goes to the MONKEES

  60. Adeline Patel

    I vote for dean martin 1st place winner and dion for second place!

  61. Ronald Cohen

    If the public voting will yield any real result, then I hope the Monkees will finally get in – over the objection of the Rolling Stone magazine. If it happens, it is unfortunate that it happens after the death of Davy Jones. They may have not been a true group in the sense of the word for long, but the impact that they had is immense as is their legacy. And look at their concerts from 1986 to the present!
    What surprises me is that Michael Nesmith is not in on his own. With all the things he originated – the different types of music, the modern music video which launched the new music business, MTV – are credentials on their own. Some day he should be nominated.

  62. michael ravage

    I like them all, but the Monkees did sing on all of the records, just like all boy-bands just stand and sing songs. The Monkees though made several albums with just them playing everything, something no boy band can do, plus Mike wrote several of the great songs. My vote is for The Monkees, but should have been done when Davy was alive. Rolling Stone, stop telling us what we like.

  63. Andrea

    THE MONKEES for crying out loud! Also, Simon & Garfunkel, The Four Seasons, Buddy Holly, Everly Brothers, Roy Orbison, Carole King and Connie Francis. Also put in Paul Revere & The Raiders!

  64. Valerie

    My votes are as follows:
    1. The Monkees
    2. Bee Gees
    3. Carole King
    4. Elton John
    5. Three Dog Knight
    6. Roy Orbison
    7. Dean Martin
    8. Smokey and the Miracles
    9. Chicago
    10. Tony Bennett

  65. Laura


  66. Donna

    I vote for:
    Carole King
    Tony Bennett
    Bee Gees
    Simon & Garfunkel

  67. Jane Myhra

    My first and only vote would be for the Monkees. They are the most under rated singers/musicians ever.

  68. Toon

    I vote for the Bee Gees. Only the songbook of them deserves it. What other artists do without them.

  69. Maryann Stearns

    The Monkees should have been inducted a long time ago, don’t let this opportunity slip away again. It’s also sad that Davey Jones won’t be there to accept with his mates.

  70. Graham

    DEAN MARTIN…………… question about it . The greatest all -round entertainer EVER.

  71. Graham

    I vote for DEAN MARTIN . The greatest all -round entertainer……..ever.

  72. Carol Williams

    I vote for The Monkees and the Bee Gees!

  73. DeansPalley

    Dean Martin is my number 1 choice!!

  74. msmaverick

    The Everly Brothers, Chicago, Simon & Garfunkel, Elton John, Bee Gees, Four Seasons, Gene Pitney, and The Monkees please! Guess the Pop Hall of Fame is one way to bypass the dictatorial Jann Wenner and his Rock & Roll HOF who have not allowed greats like Chicago to be inducted!

  75. Danny G.

    I vote for DEAN MARTIN & DEAN MARTIN & def i nate ly DEAN MARTIN!!! No one else matters anyways!!!

  76. Mark Wideman

    Chicago !!!!!!! Chicago!!!!! Chicago!!!!!
    Should have been voted in the first year.

  77. Sal

    Connie Francis should be a shoe-in with her 56 Billboard entriess in the USA alone and her versatility.

  78. TRW

    CARPENTERS!!! They sold over 100 million records to date & held the number #1 spot on Adult contemporary chart for having 16 #1 songs!!! Of course Karen Carpenter had the most gifted voice in popular music!

  79. Jim

    I agree with TRW! Most definitely the Carpenters should get a place in the Hall. Karen Carpenter’s voice was beautiful. Richard Carpenter was a genius with the arrangements of those wonderful & crafted songs we all know & love. Let’s hope the Carpenters get they recognition they so well derserve!

  80. SMM

    Definatley the Carpenters!!

  81. Hugh

    I vote for “THE GOOFERS”

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