Elvis, Beatles, Sinatra among Hall of Fame nominees

Elvis Presley, the Beatles and Frank Sinatra are among the “Top 40” nominees for induction into America’s Pop Music Hall of Fame, which will be located in Canonsburg. The nominees were announced simultaneously at the Pennsylvania Bavarian Oktoberfest and the Covered Bridge Festival Sunday.

Others nominated for the Hall of Fame include early pop music icons Pat Boone, Perry Como and Nat King Cole, Motown greats the Supremes, Stevie Wonder and Smokey & the Miracles and singer-songwriters Neil Diamond, Bob Dylan and Simon & Garfunkel.

The Hall of Fame will announce the 20 inductees – the first class of inductions – into the new Hall of Fame in May. Formal induction ceremonies will be July 2. To be eligible for the Hall of Fame, an artist must have placed a song on the national charts between 1946 and 1975.


Here are the nominees:  Paul Anka, the Beach Boys, the Beatles, the Bee Gees, Tony Bennett, Chuck Berry, Pat Boone, the Carpenters, Johnny Cash, Ray Charles, Chubby Checker,  the Dave Clark Five, Nat King Cole, Perry Como, Bobby Darin, Neil Diamond, Bob Dylan,  the Everly Brothers, the Four Seasons and Connie Francis.

Also,  Elton John, Dean Martin, Johnny Mathis, the Monkees, Ricky Nelson, Roy Orbison, Patti Page, Les Paul & Mary Ford, the Platters, Elvis Presley, Simon & Garfunkel, Frank Sinatra, Smokey & Miracles, the Supremes, Three Dog Night, Bobby Vinton, Dionne Warwick, Andy Williams, Hank Williams and Stevie Wonder.


Pop music fans, as well as those in the music industry, will be able to vote for their favorites at americaspopmusichalloffame.org beginning September 20.

A temporary home for the hall of fame has been announced for downtown Canonsburg while funds are being sought for a permanent structure


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66 Responses to Elvis, Beatles, Sinatra among Hall of Fame nominees

  1. Carole M.

    The Rolling Stones aren’t on the list? At least, they’re all still alive – and still playing. How many of the rest can say that?

  2. sara76

    Where’s Judy Garland? The best singer in the world!

  3. Tara Smith

    So voting isn’t until sept. 20th then? Just double checking.

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  5. grahame dein

    where is Judy Garland in this affair?

  6. Tony-Fred Herkel

    How About Gary Puckett & The Union Gap As well As The Moody Blues

  7. debbie white

    elvis is the greatest singer ever

    • Andreas Roth

      Hi Debbie,

      I agree. No other singer in pop/rock history has had such a versatile and unique voice. Elvis could sing anything with conviction and make it an “Elvis song”, be it country, gospel, blues, rock’n’roll, soul, R&B, Spanish, Italian, German, Polynesian traditionals, or opera-type ballads. Nobody will ever have that range of expression again. Just listen to Trouble from the TV Special, then to It’s Now Or Never – hard to believe this is ONE singer…

      • Gloria Ford

        Elvis certainly was great and I could say the same things about Bobby Darin that you said about Elvis. Bobby Darin is the only recording artist ever to successfully have charting hits in rock’n’roll, big band, country, pop sandards, R&B, jazz, folk and gospel genres! (The incredible Bobby Darin!)

    • I love elvis I love all his songs hes a very good singer.

  8. fun to learn about you all – but surprised that Miss Ella Fitzgerald, the beloved “First Lady of Song” was not on the list.
    Fran Morris Rosman
    Executive Director
    The Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation
    Los Angeles, CA

  9. Catherine watt

    Has to be Elvis Presley !!! .

  10. Catherine watt

    Has to be Elvis Presley

  11. steve carter

    Finally…….the CARPENTERS!!!
    It’s about time this iconic brother & sister duo got recognized.
    Karen’s superb, timeless voice and Richard’s unforgettable arrangements are a soundtrack of our lives. One of the finest pop/rock groups ever.
    Just recently inducted into the Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame a couple years ago, hopefully soon the Pop Hall of Fame and even the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as well. Way to go Karen & Richard!!!

  12. Andreas Roth

    Elvis and the Beatles should be inducted automatically. They were the most successful music acts on the U.S. pop charts.

  13. Geraldine Boots

    So very pleased to see the legendary Johnny Mathis is one of the nominees. This man’s extraordinary career is an inspiration to all aspiring artists. He is still performing and his voice is still absolutely amazing. I, and many others, consider ourselves very fortunate to have shared the same time on earth as this wonderful man.

  14. Sherrie M.

    Seems to me that everyone on the list should be honored as ‘mass opening’ of the Hall–plus Ella Fitzgerald and Judy Garland. AND Sammy Davis, Jr. , Count Basie, Peggy Lee, Sergio Mendes, Doris Day, Glen Campbell, Aretha Franklin, Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell–there are SO MANY PEOPLE who should be there, but you did mention a large chunk of their names…

  15. Many thanks for writing valuable post regarding the subject. I am a fan of your site. Maintain the great work.

  16. Pam

    Oh my! Bobby Darrin, The Beatles,Roy Orbison,Elvis,Paul Anka,Marvin Gaye… How do I choose just one? This is like asking “who is your favorite child.” Can’t we honor them all?

  17. Elvis Presley by popular demand…….on………….. and off line.
    His extraordinary voice alone, the reason.

  18. Elvis had over 150 single hits in the USA

  19. Jerry

    I definitely believe Connie Francis should be inducted. She sold over 100 million records – 16 top ten, 3 number ones, and was one of the first to popularize American pop music around the world.

  20. Marilynn La Cerais

    Only Elvis deserves this honor! Who else could have such a following 35 years after his passing.

  21. richard

    No one on this list or even not on it deserves this honor more then Elvis

  22. Ruth

    Pat Boone needs to be honored. He has more consecutive hits than anyone else


  23. GIGI

    Elvis Presley el mejor y el mas grande!!!

  24. Linda

    Agree with Richard, No one deserves this honor more than ELVIS!!!!!

  25. Shirley Hollinger

    Elvis – Of course. So many hits, variety of songs, so many fans
    even 35 years after his death. Many tribute artists continue to make
    Elvis fans happy.

  26. Enedena Fornazieri

    Elvis Presley, The King Forever & Ever!!! Elvis always in our heart!!!
    Elvis Always Elvis!!!

  27. Beatrice Farrelly

    Elvis should be honoured.

  28. Enedena Fornazieri

    Elvis Presley é sem duvida o melhor de todos os tempos!!!

  29. stephanie herron

    Elvis for Hall of Fame. shouldn’t even have to be a question, should be automatic and done ages ago.He is and always will be the King of Rock’n Roll.

  30. Bea

    We will never have another singer like ELVIS!! No one could ever compare to him. HE IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE THE KING!!

  31. Ruth Donaldson

    I own recordings by all but three on this list, and at different times in my life have played them. Johnny Mathis is the only singer whose music I have played continuously since 1956. His concerts are still as exciting as the first one I attended and the “Mathis Magic” continues.

    • Berit Weiberg-Aurdal

      I copy everything Ruth writes above. So many good singers are on this list, but ..THE VOICE…belongs to Johnny Mathis. He will always be number one for me. For over 5o years he has. Maybe even more dear to me now, because he still sings like……….Johnny Mathis. And he still spellbinds his audience with “The Mathis Magic”. Who else does that after beeing around for 6o years?

      • When Elvis returned to Vegas and told an abvtibeared story of How I got started in the business it was great to hear Elvis just talk to the audience and as he got more comfortable, he would cut up and goof around. But as he had to shorten the length of his shows, much of the ad lib discussion was eliminated. I was sorry to see eliminated, the sit down guitar part of his show that he maintained in ’69 and Feb ’70. He would sit down on his proctor’s stool, take out the electric guitar and talk a bit and then run through Baby what you Want Me to Do? or Runaway or Are You Lonesome Tonight? . On a few occasions, Elvis would say I think I will play the piano and then break out with the Lawdy Miss Clawdy . Every now and then Elvis would talk about his career and tell stories about how he fell in the water filming the Hawaiian Wedding Song and even more interesting his ’74 stories of his love for Karate. There were times when Elvis performed, it was like sitting in his living room, but regretably as the years went on, there was less and less of the spontaneity of Elvis being Elvis as he put on show after show in a tight package of 65-75 minutes. It was unfortunate that sometimes he would be freestyling and he called out a song that the band didn’t know well enough and so Elvis would truncate the song and go back to the set list.For me the deviations were the best and there is no question that being in the audience, especially in Vegas and Tahoe, there was an intimate connection between the man and his audience, treated as friends who came to enjoy Elvis in his world. He really did aspire to make everyone happy and that he did over and over again.

  32. Huck Alderson

    Elvis Presley!!!!!!

  33. Susan H. Davis

    Elvis Presley The King his music lives on!!!!!

  34. Selma Malfa

    I love ELVIS. He is the BEST.

  35. Charlotte Saunders

    Elvis . . Elvis . . . Elvis and only Elvis!!!

  36. Beverly Parrette

    ELVIS PRESLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. fran ventry

    Elvis should not have to be nominated. It should be a given. No one is better than him and he should automaticly be in the Music Hall of Fame.

  38. Silvie

    It’s got to be ELVIS PRESLEY!!! There are no suspicious minds about that!!

  39. Yes, Elvis for the Pop Music Hall of Fame.

  40. Gigi

    If this is the “American” Pop Music Hall of Fame, what are the Beatles doing here? I agree they all have residences in the US but they are not “American”.
    My vote for the first inductee in the “American Pop Music Hall of Fame” is Elvis Presley – the quintesential entertainer of the 20th and 21st Century.

  41. My vote is for Elvis. The most influential artist in Pop music history.

  42. Lindaura R. Del Carlo

    Johnny Mathis!!!
    No doubts the BEST from all time!!!

    • I will tell you, after so many shows that I was fortunate to see, Elvis so often wore his heart on his sveele, whether it was in the song during the new introductions of I’ve Lost You, American Trilogy, What Now My Love, It’s Midnight and Just Pretend that stand out in my memory, but in some of the sensitive moments where he would just open up and speak his mind. Unfortunately the critics second guessed his openness as a distraction to the show and attributed them to indugence, Elvis’s conversation with the audience was personal and as for me sitting in the audience I felt privileged to have this one sided chat with Elvis. As most of you know, Elvis spoke very little in his show as he repelled through his repotoire. When he broke away and spoke of his love for family, karate and laughed about past experience’s on the road and on movie sets, it was something special and for me a gift of being a guest in the showroom.Ian

  43. People, please remember we are voting for “American Pop Music” Hall Of Fame, not the Rock & Roll or British Invasion Hall Of Fame. I believe Elvis and The Beatles changed music forever for the better, but I suspect they would be offended to be nominated for a “Pop Music” award. Please give those who came before their due!

    • we are voting for America’s Pop Music Hall of Fame….not American…….we’ve been correcting the title’s of the media info as we can, but please be clear, our project is the America’s Pop Music Hall of Fame. Thank you!

  44. Gloria Ford

    Don’t know what “token” means. Couldn’t find it. How did the list get narrowed down to just 40 when there were so many with hits during all those years! What was the criteria?

  45. I agree that Elvis is universally popular for singing all genres, but albeit the recent passing of Andy Williams, I think Andy could sing many genres with versatility, although his popularity was less stellar than that of Elvis.
    Elvis surely, but Andy Williams should have more than an honorable mention.

  46. Eduard Sarosi

    My vote for sure goes to the one and only, the best female singer of all time, the greatest CONNIE FRANCIS.
    Only CONNIE FRANCIS deserves this honor. Just listen to her records and compare them to any other singer. I believe that everyone who does it will become a big fan of this GREAT ARTIST.

    • Ad Burgmeijer

      Yes! CONNIE FRANCIS has always been the GREATEST Female Artist of all time! No one can compare to her. Angel like voice, pretty face and very nice personality. What else do you need in an artist?
      So please, vote for the one and only CONNIE FRANCIS_ CONNIE FRANCIS_ CONNIE FRANCIS_ CONNIE FRANCIS_ CONNIE FRANCIS !!!!!!!!!!

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